Friday, 15 June 2018

Do You Really Need an App For Your Organisation?

Offering some of the best mobile app development in Melbourne, Newpath Web works with a range of organisations on their mobile enterprise apps. From staff training to intranets and everything in-between, enterprise apps have a wide range of benefits, but determining whether they are right for your business is not easy to do.

Given all the rage around mobile browsing and smartphone usage, it’s easy to be seduced by the numbers. But the numbers don’t reflect actual behaviour; that is, what users are doing on their phones, beyond just time spent and blah blah blah. We’ve summarised a few critical considerations around mobile apps and whether there is any benefit for your business.

75% of Time on Phones Is Spent in 3 Apps

Think about your browsing habits online: you are probably likely to visit the same websites again and again. Whether it’s the relevancy of the information provided or the phrasing and framing of information to be more readily consumed, users, are shown to only view the same few sites day in day out.

This is the same with mobile phone applications. More than ¾ of all time on mobile phones is spent in just three applications. This means you must offer something truly spectacular to capture your target users interests beyond a few measly views in the first week or so.

If you have something they need to look at, that’s the first step. Users are more likely to engage in an application if it serves a need. But is that everything?

Give the Users Some Unique Benefits

The attraction and appeal of targeting mobile users are not lost on the technology industry in the slightest, and it isn’t just mobile applications that are reaping the benefits. Mobile websites are now lightyears ahead of where they were even a few years ago, and they do an excellent job of providing the kind of information and benefits that users are looking for. 

The answer to this issue is to offer integration and benefit that no mobile website could ever offer. Most likely, your business already has an excellent website with features for both staff and customers, where they can get all kinds of information that they could require.

Instead, invest in a mobile app that goes above and beyond a website with deep integration around a whole number of features, taking advantages of things like the camera, high-powered processors and other functionality that a website just can’t assume.

If You Need An App, Choose Newpath Web

Don’t get us wrong: there are fundamental reasons why a mobile application is the right thing for your business. But, having said that, we’re not in the business of ripping off customers; we want you to have a fantastic experience with our developers, and our history of mobile app development in Melbourne speaks for itself.

If you’re a little confused (I’m not surprised), just talk to our friendly staff, and we’ll work out what is right for your business, whether it is a new app, new website or even a new intranet. Click through, find out more.

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